​Wendy Stengel

Teaser: The Vegan Lovers Cookbook

Food Goddess Wendy Stengel and Tony Fama, of 50PlusPrime, are collaborating on an exciting new adventure! A cookbook of our favorite vegan recipes with some surprise contributions from the leaders of the vegan community is coming soon! 

Nutrition & Wellness Coaching for a Vibrant Mind, Body and Spirit

Fall in Love with Your Food

Nourishing our bodies with good food is the foundation for a healthy lifestyle. Good food promotes a healthy mind, a strong body, and a loving spirit.

Wendy offers nutritional health coaching. Eat your way to a vibrant life!

Food Goddess, Wendy Stengel, is dedicated to promoting empowerment in cultivating a healthy mind, strong body and happy spirit. Living a healthy lifestyle means making smart food choices that feel good, staying active in a way you enjoy, nurturing a rewarding career, practicing healthy spirituality that fulfills you and building life-long relationships that you cherish.